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Review: Joggy Dog Hands Free Dog Leash

The Joggy Dog Hands Free Dog Leash is a great hands free leash system. It has everything I’m looking for in a hands free leash.

It has a sleek design, the belt isn’t wide enough to be bothersome when you’re twisting and turning, and moving around. It’s not too thin either, which would be uncomfortable if the dog pulls. It also doesn’t stand out too much, which is great if you want something inconspicuous.

This is ideal for training service dogs, for example. It’s not very apparent that I’m wearing something around my waist, it’s comfortable for long term wearing, it doesn’t compete with my waist worn treat pouch, and it doesn’t get in the way when I’m shopping. I can also freely move my arms to deliver treats as well. I do prefer a waist leash to that of an over the shoulder type as these get in my way. Another added plus to this design is that it’s highly adjustable. I liked how this leash stayed put when I adjusted it for my waist. It’s somewhat tricky to re-adjust it because it’s so secure.

Since the belt is this particular design, it doesn’t really leave any room for padding or any great degree of width, or I don’t think it would be quite as adjustable. This means force wouldn’t be as distributed as with a wider or padded belt. This design also means that you loose out on extra features such as pockets.

The leash it’s self is sturdy and the metal bolt snaps look strong, and the stitching on the leash seems to be quite secure.

Since this hardware is heavy duty, it likely won’t fit on the smallest of “O” or “D” rings, like thinner, flimsier bolt snaps would. But I don’t think you have to worry about this unless the ring is pretty small.

The leash has a pretty firm “boing”. It holds up well to strong pullers without fear of any breaking. I did notice that it helps to reduce shock from sudden lunges.

The belt has two “D” rings so you can attach two leashes to it.

I like that this leash has the traffic loop in the end. I always prefer these on my leashes in case of emergencies.

****I said in my video review that I’m not sure if there’s light reflective stitching in this leash but THERE IS!!!****

I’m more than satisfied with this hands free leash system. I would recommend it to clients, colleagues, and anyone with a dog.

-Sleek, non-cumbersome design that doesn’t get in your arm’s way
-Low profile appearance, inconspicuous looking
-Nice width to distribute force when dog pulls
-Comfortable to wear long term
-Highly adjustable and securely stays put
-Sturdy construction, high quality material
-Strong metal hardware
-Stitching is secure
-Has light reflective stitching for visibility at night
-Firm “boing” that won’t give out with strong pullers, absorbs shock well
-Has a traffic loop
-Two “D” rings for attaching two leashes

-More width and padding would likely be impossible with this design, which also means no handy pockets
-Sturdy, heavy duty metal bolt snaps may not fit very small “O”/“D” rings.